Life cycle assessment of novel aircraft interior panels from renewable or recyclable polymers with natural fiber reinforcements and nonhalogenated flame retardants. Journal of Industrial Ecology.

This supporting information includes 3 sections and 14 tables.  Sections 1 and 2 contain tables showing life cycle inventory (LCI) of linseed oil, graphene, flax yarn, and the aircraft panel for an aircraft Boeing 747-400.  Section 2 also contains a table showing operating conditions for the same aircraft.  Section 3 presents end of life LCIs for recycling and for incineration of deca-BDE, conventional skin, aramide honeycomb, decorative film, linseed oil resin, poliethermide, geopolymer-flax, and PLA-flax. 

Fecha Publicación: 02/01/2017

Autor: Moliner-Santisteve, E. (AIMPLAS) ; Vidal, R. ; P.P. Martin ; Fita-Bravo, S. (AIMPLAS) ; M. Wonneberger ; Verdejo-Andrés E. (AIMPLAS) ; F. Vanfleteren ; N. Lapeña ; A. González

Referencia: 2017 Journal of Industrial Ecology


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