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Biobased conductive plastic materials for manufacturing capacitive lamps

Electrical conductive compounds based on biobased plastic materials partially from renewable resources and graphite were developed. This innovative material has demonstrated capacitive properties to be used for the base of lamps manufactured by 3D Printing. A high surface electrical conductivity has been achieved (10−2S/cm). The material is suitable to be processed by the filament extrusion technology and further by additive manufacturing technology such as fused deposition modelling (FDM). 3D printed lamps reduced the environmental impact in comparison to commercial lamps based on glass and metallic materials. The 3D printed lamp is fully functional, as the base of the lamp is sensitive and turns on touching with hand.

Fecha Publicación: 01/06/2018

Autor: Villanueva-Redón, P. (AIMPLAS); Galindo-Galiana, B. (AIMPLAS); Moliner-Santisteve, E. (AIMPLAS); García-Navarro, S. (AIMPLAS); Ruedas-Abarca, V. (AIMPLAS)

Referencia: Materials Today Communications 15 (2018): 105-108

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